Name: Brian Dunne

Shop Nickname: BD

Started at Bicycle South: April 1994

Current Bikes Owned: Custom Built Ritchey SwissCross Disc, 1996 Breezer Storm, 1985 Kuwahara Nova, 1969 Schwinn Stingray Deluxe

Type of Riding: I've done it all at some point. I grew up riding BMX bikes on horse trails, and progressed to mountain bikes when they came out. Primarily, I've always seen bicycles as a form of transportaion.

Best Ride: The ride I'll never forget was during one of my sister's Derby parties. I loaded my nephew in his child seat, and we proceeded to climb the biggest hill in the neighborhood so we could go flying down. I'll always treasure the memory of hearing him giggling, and turning around to see him leaning sideways so he could get the wind in his face. I'm glad my sister didn't see how fast we went.

Other Interests: Radio control (cars, planes, and helicopters), music, racing simulators, and reading.